Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 2 of Sienna's Diary from Dem. Republic of Congo

More reflections from actress Sienna Miller, who's in DRC visiting International Medical Corps' programs:

Day 2
I guess it’s important to clarify why I’m here. International Medical Corps is an incredible organization that is providing healthcare and support to people in dire need. I met with them in Los Angeles two months ago and they approached me to see if and how I could help in anyway. They desperately need funding and general awareness raised both for the organization, and for all the projects they are involved with. If my involvement in any way could contribute to either then I was more than happy to be involved. My one request was that if we were going to start working together, it was imperative, that I see and experience what is going on first hand… So here I am.

Read Sienna's entire blog here:

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