Friday, January 22, 2010

From the Rubble, a Tale of Survival

From the Rubble, a Tale of Survival

 While in Haiti, I have seen hundreds dead, piled up on the sides of the streets or mass graves, often covered in a sheet as a modest form of respect. But in the death and rubble, I have witnessed remarkable stories of survival, one of which was a little five-year-old girl, Megine.

I met Megine at the General Hospital where our team has worked around the clock to save as many lives as we can. She was carried in by her father, her right hand hanging on by a thread.

She and her mother were in their home when the earthquake hit and did not get out in time before the building collapsed around them. Her mother, Marie, made it out from under the rubble and to the General Hospital, but they could not find Megine. “I was sick to my stomach the whole time,” says Marie.

Two days went by before Megine was pulled from the rubble. Her uncle discovered her and managed to get her out alive.

“I was so happy to see my daughter alive,” says Marie.

Marie and her husband brought Megine to the General Hospital. Sadly, her right hand needed to be amputated, but she made it through surgery, united with her parents, and alive to share her story.

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